An Honest Review on the Oppo reno6 5g


Oppo Reboer R5 is the latest smartphone launched by Oppo. It comes with some features that have been present in the smartphones that have been launched by Oppo earlier. However, it comes with the enhanced version of Oppo’s famous Dual SIM card technology. This enables the user to use two mobile numbers in one handset. It can also be used as Blackberry. oppo reno6 5g

Oppo reno6 5g has been launched by Oppo with some smart features which are based on the new single screen concept. The innovative feature of this handset is that it has an eye catching dual screen. It offers a single review, online available, about the advantages of the product. It is one of the best devices manufactured by Oppo. Here is a brief review of the same:

Connectivity – This is a unique advantage of this phone. The user can have access to two applications simultaneously. He can have access to Google Maps application, which is quite popular in the market and uses the GPS technology to track your location. Then he can go to his email, which is integrated with Gmail and can check his mails and read them. It is an amazing feature of Oppo Reboer R5 which has been available from Oppo.

Display – The main display of the Oppo Reboer R5 looks like that of a regular cell phone but is slightly curved on one edge. The display of this cell phone is colourful and large and looks very classy. The navigation buttons, virtual keyboard and volume controls are all functioning very well. The battery of this cell phone is removable and so you can simply replace it with fresh new one. This Oppo Reboer R5 cell phone is one of the leading products of Oppo and its popularity is attributed to its good features.

Dual Camera – The dual camera of the Oppo Reboer R5 is quite impressive. You get a single lens and a Carl Zeiss lens in this phone, which is quite handy for the user. The lens can be obtained in different sizes and shapes according to your requirements. So you can take good photographs and make your pictures appear beautiful and elegant. You can also use the built in photo editing software to edit your photographs and make them look fantastic.

Value Pack – The Oppo Reboer R5G offers a value pack with it which includes a handset, case, ear phone, data card, charger, and memory stick. With all these facilities you get everything you need in one handset. It is suitable for people who like to go out at night and do not want to bother with a lot of things. This Oppo Reboer has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of a modern man who likes to have everything at his fingertips. Thus, when you buy this Oppo Reboer R5G cell phone you are definitely spoilt for choice as it comes with an amazing design, a dual tone screen, stunning looks and above all the best performance.

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